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500-mA Synchronous Step-Down Converter Evaluation Module



  • 2-ms internal soft-start
  • Wide Input Voltage Up to 18 V
  • Integrated 0.95-Ω / 0.33-Ω Low-Side MOSFETs for 0.5A continuous output
  • Auto-skip Advanced Eco-Mode™ for high efficiency at light loads

Texas Instruments  TPS560200EVM-537

The Texas Instruments TPS560200EVM-537 evaluation module (EVM) helps design engineers evaluate the operation and performance of the TPS560200 Synchronous Step-Down Converter. The EVM comprises a nominal 12 V input, 1.05 V output synchronous buck converter. Output current is rated at 0.5 A. The input voltage range is 4.5 V to 18 V. The TPS560200 features enable control and extremely small size and low external component count. The TPS560200 uses DCAP2 control with pseudo fixed 650 kHz switching frequency for fast transient response with minimal output capacitance. Also, the TPS560200 has light load pulse skipping for enhanced efficiency.