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TPS561208 2A Output, Synchronous SWIFT™ Step-Down Converter Evaluation Module



  • Supports 5 V, 12 V and 15 V power bus
  • Synchronous Buck Converter with integrated FETs
  • DCAP2 Control
  • Internal Soft Start
  • 1A Output Current

Texas Instruments  TPS561208EVM-896

The TPS561208 is a single, adaptive on-time, D-CAP2™ mode, synchronous buck converter requiring a very low external component count. The D-CAP2 control circuit is optimized for low-ESR output capacitors such as POSCAP, SP-CAP, or ceramic types and features fast transient response with no external compensation. The high-side and low-side switching MOSFETs are incorporated inside the TPS561208 package along with the gate-drive circuitry. The low drain-to-source on resistance of the MOSFETs allows the TPS561208 to achieve high efficiencies and helps keep the junction temperature low at high output currents. The TPS561208 dc/dc synchronous converter is designed to provide up to a 1-A output from an input voltage source of 4.5 V to 17 V. The output voltage range is from 0.8 V to 6.5 V. The TPS561208EVM-896 evaluation module (EVM) is a single, synchronous buck converter providing 1.05 V at 1 A from 4.5-V to 17-V input. The EVM user’s guide describes the TPS561208EVM-896 performance.