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Evaluation Module for TPS56121 High Current (15A) Synchronous Step-Down SWIFT™ Converter



  • 8V to 14V Input Voltage Rating
  • 1.0V ±2% Output Voltage Rating
  • 15A Steady State Load Current
  • 500kHz Switching Frequency
  • Simple Access to IC features (Power Good, Enable, Soft-Start, Error Amplifier)

Texas Instruments  TPS56121EVM-601

The Texas Instruments TPS56121EVM-601 evaluation module (EVM) helps designers evaluate the operation and performance of the TPS56121 4.5V to 14V Input, 15A High Current Synchronous Step-Down Converter. The EVM is designed to use a regulated 12V (8V to 14V) bus voltage to provide a regulated 1.0-V output at up to 15A of load current. The EVM demonstrates the TPS56121 high-current integrated FET converter in a typical space limited 12-V bus to low-voltage point-of-load application.