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4.5-V to 18-V input, 8-A synchronous step-down voltage regulator


Package | PIN: VQFN-HR (RJE) | 20
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $2.76
10-24 $2.48
25-99 $2.31
100-249 $2.03
250-499 $1.90
500-749 $1.61
750-999 $1.36
1000+ $1.30


  • Input voltage range: 4.5 V to 18 V
  • D-CAP3™ architecture control for fast transient response
  • Output voltage range: 0.6 V to 7 V
  • 0.6-V±1% reference voltage (25°C)
  • Supports 8-A continuous output current
  • Integrated 19.5-mΩ and 9.5-mΩ RDS(on) internal power MOSFET
  • ULQ™(Ultra Low Quiescent current) feature to enable long battery life
  • Selectable operation modes:
    • Forced continuous conduction mode(FCCM)
    • Out-of-Audio™(OOA)Mode
    • Advanced Eco-Mode™
  • Selectable 600-kHz, 800-kHz and 1-MHz switching frequency
  • Supports up to 90% duty operation
  • Adjustable soft start time by SS pin
  • Power good output
  • Built-in output discharge function
  • Cycle-by-cycle over current protection
  • Non-latched for fault protection
  • Small 3.0-mm × 3.0-mm HotRod™ QFN package

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Texas Instruments  TPS568230RJER

The TPS568230is a cost effective, high-voltage input, high efficiency synchronous buck converter with integratedMOSFETs.

The TPS568230 has the ULQ™ (Ultra Low Quiescent current)feature to enable low-bias current. It operates with supply input voltage from 4.5 V to 18 V. Ituses DCAP3™ control mode to provide fast transient response, goodline, load regulation, no requirement for external compensation, and support low equivalent seriesresistance (ESR) output capacitors such as specialty polymer and ultra-low ESR ceramiccapacitors.

The TPS568230 provides complete Over-voltage, Under-voltage, Over-current,Over-temperature and Under-voltage lock-out protections. It is combined power good signal , outputdischarge function and large duty operation feature.

TPS568230 is equipped with a MODE pin to select the desirable mode of operation. Toattain high efficiency at light load, OOA mode and Advanced Eco-mode™ could be selected. OOA mode will not allow the part to go belowaudible frequency ( below 25kHz switching frequency ). FCCM is also available to support tightoutput voltage ripple requirement.

The TPS568230 supports both internal and external soft-start time option. The internalfixed soft-start time is 1.3 ms. Longer soft-start time can be get by connecting the externalcapacitor on SS pin.

The TPS568230 is available in a 20-pin 3.0-mm x 3.0-mm HotRod™ package and the junction temperature is specified from-40oC to 125oC.