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4.5-V to 18-V input, 8-A synchronous step-down voltage regulator


Package | PIN: VQFN-HR (RJE) | 20
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $2.76
10-24 $2.48
25-99 $2.31
100-249 $2.03
250-499 $1.90
500-749 $1.61
750-999 $1.36
1000+ $1.30


  • Input voltage range: 4.5 V to 18 V
  • D-CAP3™ architecture control for fast transient response
  • Output voltage range: 0.6 V to 7 V
  • 1% feedback voltage accuracy (25°C)
  • Continual output current: 8 A
  • Integrated 19.5-mΩ and 9.5-mΩ RDS(on) internal power switch
  • ULQ™ operation to enable long battery life during system standby
  • Eco-Mode™, OOA and FCCM mode selectable for light load running by MODE pin
  • 600-kHz, 800-kHz and 1-MHz selectable switching frequency by MODE pin
  • OOA light-load operation with switching frequency over 25 kHz
  • Large duty operation support
  • Adjustable soft start time by SS pin
  • Power good indicator
  • Built-in output discharge function
  • Cycle-by-cycle over current protection
  • Non-latched for OC, OV, UV, OT and UVLO protections
  • Small 3.0-mm × 3.0-mm HotRod™ QFN package

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Texas Instruments  TPS568230RJER

The TPS568230is a cost effective, high-voltage input, high efficiency synchronous buck converter with integratedFETs.

The key feature of the TPS568230 is its ULQ™ (Ultra LowQuiescent) feature to enable low-bias current and large duty operation. The ULQ™ feature is extremely beneficial for long battery life in low poweroperation. The TPS568230 operates with supply input voltage ranging from 4.5 V to 18 V. It usesDCAP3™ control mode to provide a fast transient response, goodline, load regulation, no requirement for external compensation, and supports low equivalent seriesresistance (ESR) output capacitors such as specialty polymer and ultra-low ESR ceramiccapacitors.

The TPS568230 provides complete protection OVP, UVP, OCP, OTP and UVLO. It is combinedpower good signal and output discharge function.

MODE pin in TPS568230 can be used to set Eco-mode™, OOAmode or FCCM mode for light load operation. And OOA mode operations with switching frequency largerthan 25 kHz even no loading.

The TPS568230 supports both internal and external soft-start time option. It has theinternal fixed soft-start time 1.3 ms, if the application needs longer soft-start time, theexternal SS pin can be used to achieve it by connecting the external capacitor.

The TPS568230 is available in a 20-pin 3.0-mm x 3.0-mm HotRod™ package and the junction temperature is specified from-40oC to 125oC.