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Evaluation module for 2 battery cells to 3.3V, 100mA ultra-low operating current charge pump



  • Input Voltage: 1.8V to 3.6V
  • Output Voltage: 3.3V +/- 4%
  • Output Current: up to 100mA

May used to evaluate the other devices of the TPS6021x family (replace the TPS60210 with the appropriate device).

Texas Instruments  TPS60210EVM-167

The TPS60210EVM-167 is an evaluation tool for the 100 mA low ripple charge pump TPS60210. With 1.6 V to 3.3 V input it delivers a regulated output voltage of 3.3 V. The device can operate in a snooze mode to reduce the quiescent current.

LBI/LBO indicator is set to 2 V. Below an input voltage of 2 V, LBO goes active.

The Low Battery Indicator needs some external parts that are added on the EVM.

Need For Use:  The only item needed to use the EVM is a power source, either a DC source or a battery pack with two NiCd, NiMH or alkaline battery cells.