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TPS60255EVM-262 Evaluation Module



  • 2.7 V to 6.0 V Input Voltage Range
  • X1 and X1.5 Charge Pump
  • 750 kHz Charge Pump Frequency
  • 7 Individually Regulated WLED Current Sink
  • Separate Operation for Dimming and on/offControlled by EasyScale™
  • 25 mA max LED Current for Each LED ExceptGroup C (GC:80 mA max)
  • 2% Current Matching within Group B (GB) at 100 μA Each Minimum Load Condition
  • Auto Switching Between X1 and X1.5 Mode for Maximum Efficiency
  • Open WLED Protection
  • Built-in Soft Start and Current Limit

Texas Instruments  TPS60255EVM-262

The TPS60255EVM-262 facilitates evaluation of the TPS60255 high efficiency, constant frequency charge pump DC/DC converter. The TPS60255 contains a 1x/1.5 x mode charge pump that drives three separate banks of white LEDs. It is programmable using the 1 input EasyScale protocol. The TPS60255 is powered from a 3.0 V to 5.5 V source.