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Evaluation Module for Step-Down Charge Pump TPS60500



  • Input Voltage: 2.5V to 6.5V
  • Output Voltage: 1.5V+/-3%
  • Output Current: up to 250mA
  • open-drain power good output

The TPS60500EVM-193 can also be used to evaluate the other devices of the TPS6050x family. The only change that is required is to replace the TPS60500 with the appropriate device and to directly connect the feedback pin with the output for the fixed voltage version.

Texas Instruments  TPS60500EVM-193

The TPS60500EVM-193 is an evaluation tool for the high efficiency step-down charge pump TPS60500. The output voltage of the TPS60500 is adjustable in the range of 0.8 V to 3.3 V. On the EVM, the output voltage is set to 1.5 V. The TPS60500 operates from an input voltage of 1.8 V to 6.5 V. The input voltage must at leat be 1 V higher than the output voltage selected. The device delivers up to 250 mA of output current.