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TPS61030 Evaluation Module (QFN Package)



The development tool includes:

  • A tested TPS61030EVM-029 evaluation module with TPS61030RSA IC
  • A user's guide (SBVU006) that contains:
    • Schematic
    • Bill of materials
    • Component placement
    • Layout and setup of the EVM
  • A datasheet of the TPS6103x family of devices (SLUS534C)

Texas Instruments  TPS61030EVM-029

The TPS61030EVM-029 is an evaluation tool for the TPS61030 inductive step-up converter in QFN-16 package which can supply voltages up to 5.5V from a 1.8-V to 5.5-V input. The TPS61030EVM-029 uses a TPS61030 adjustable output step-up converter and the appropriate external components to provide a 5-V output voltage. By replacing the feedback components other voltages can be generated. The EVM can also be used to evaluate other options of the TPS6103x family. Please follow the instructions in the User's Guide of the EVM.