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TPS61050 Evaluation Module

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Features for the  TPS61050EVM-269

  • Four Operational Modes:
    • Torch and Flash up to ILED = 1200 mA
    • Voltage-Regulated Boost Converter: 4.5/5.0/5.25 V
    • Shutdown: 0.3 μA (typ)
  • Total Solution Circuit Area < 25 mm²
  • Up to 96% Efficiency
  • I²C-Compatible Interface up to 400 kbps
  • Integrated LED Turn-On Safety Timer
  • Zero Latency TX-Masking Input (TPS61050)
  • Integrated ADC for LED VF Monitoring
  • Integrated Low Light Dimming Mode
  • LED Disconnect During Shutdown
  • Open/Shorted LED Protection
  • Over-Temperature Protection

Description for the TPS61050EVM-269

The TPS61050EVM-269 facilitates evaluation of the TPS61050 1.2 A High Power White LED Driver IC in the BGA (YZG) package.

The TPS6105x device is based on a high-frequencysynchronous-boost topology with constant current sink to drive single white LEDs. The device uses an inductive fixed-frequency PWM control scheme using small external components, minimizing input ripple current.

The 2 MHz switching frequency allows the use of small and low profile 2.2 μH inductors. To optimize overall efficiency, the device operates with only a 250 mV LED feedback voltage.