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TPS61070 Evaluation Module



The development tool includes:

  • A TPS61070EVM-062 evaluation module with a TPS61070DDC IC
  • A user's guide (SLVU106) that contains:
    • Schematic
    • Bill of materials
    • Component placement
    • Layout and setup of the EVM
  • A datasheet of the TPS6107x family of devices (SLVS510)

Texas Instruments  TPS61070EVM-062

The TPS61070EVM-062 is an evaluation tool for the TPS61070 inductive step-up converter IC. The TPS61070 integrated boost converter can supply voltages up to 5.5V from an input of 0.9-V to 5.5-V and is packaged in a 6-pin thin SOT23. The TPS61070EVM-062 is set up to provide a 5-V output. By replacing the feedback components other voltages can be generated. The EVM can also be used to evaluate the TPS61071. Please follow the instructions in the User's Guide of the EVM.