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TPS610985 Ultra Low Quiescent Current Boost Evaluation Module



  • 300 nA ultra-low IQ in Light Load
  • 1.5mm x 1.5mm 6-SON Package
  • Integrated Load Switch
  • Up to 80% Efficiency at 10 μA Load Current
  • Two Modes Controlled by MODE pin

Texas Instruments  TPS610985EVM-782

The TPS610985 provides an ultra-low quiescent power supply solution for products powered by either a single cell or two-cell alkaline, one-cell coin cell battery or one-cell Li-Ion or Li-polymer battery. It integrates a load switch and can provide two separate output power rails. The main output VMAIN is an always-on output with 3V minimum voltage, and the additional output VSUB is the output of internal load switch, designed to supply a peripheral device.

The TPS610985 can provide total output currents up to 40 mA at a 3V output even when input voltage is decreased to 0.7V. The boost is based on a hysteretic controller topology using synchronous rectification to obtain maximum efficiency at minimal quiescent currents.