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TPS61150EVM Evaluation Module



  • Input Voltage: 3 V to 6 V
  • Output Voltage: up to 27 V each (max)
  • Switch current Limit: 0.7 A (max)
  • Efficiency: 83% (max)
  • 2 Individual programmable, regulated current Outputs
  • Built in Power Diode and Soft-start
  • Input to Output isolation
  • Over voltage and Short circuit protection
  • Built in 1.2 MHz fixed switching frequency
  • Up to 30 kHz dimming frequency
  • Package: 3x3 QFN-10

Texas Instruments  TPS61150EVM-150

The TPS61150EVM-150 is an evaluation tool for the TPS6115x family. This is a dual channel, single Inductor Boost Converter with two regulated current outputs for driving white LEDs. Each current output can be individually programmed through external resistors and is capable to drive 6 to 7 white LEDs (3.5 V or 4 V forward voltage) up to a total of 12 or 14 LEDs.