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Evaluation Module for TPS61185 2A WLED Driver IC



  • 4.2V to 24V input voltage
  • Integrated 2A 40V MOSFET
  • 600KHz to 2MHz programmable switching frequency
  • Adaptive Boost Output for Best Efficiency
  • Design to Use Small L-C Components
  • Integrated loop compensation
  • Eight 25mA Current Sinks
  • Up to 10 WLED in series
  • 1% current matching and accuracy
  • PWM brightness interface control

Texas Instruments  TPS61185EVM-335

The TPS61185EVM-335 is a fully assembled and tested circuit for evaluating the TPS61185 Adjustable, 2A WLED Driver IC. If WLEDs are not available for connection to the EVM, the WLEDEVM-260 board can be ordered from TI.