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Evaluation Module for TPS61199 White LED Driver for LCD Monitors Backlighting



  • 8V to 30V Input Voltage
  • Thermal Shutdown Protection
  • Integrated High-Power Boost Controller
  • 20-pin SOP Package and TSSOP Package
  • Adaptive Boost Output for LED Voltages
  • Drive up to Eight LED Strings in Parallel
  • Maximum 65mA for Each LED String
  • 3% Current Matching Between Strings
  • 5000:1 PWM Dimming Ratio at 200Hz
  • MOSFET Over-current Protectio
  • Programmable LED Short Protection

Texas Instruments  TPS61199EVM-598

This TPS61199EVM-598 contains the Texas Instruments TPS61199, a WLED power solution providing up to eight independently regulated current outputs using a single inductor step-up (boost) converter. The current outputs are ideal for driving a WLED backlight in notebook/laptop computers. This user's guide includes EVM specifications, recommended test setup, bill of materials, and a schematic diagram. This user's guide describes the characteristics, operation, and use of the TPS61199 evaluation module (EVM)