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Battery Front-end DC/DC Converter, Synchronous Boost-bypass, 1S Li-Ion,Ni-Rich,Si-Anode

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Package | PIN: DSBGA (YFF) | 16
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Package qty | Carrier: 250 | SMALL T&R
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1-99 $1.19
100-249 $1.04
250-999 $0.73
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  • 95% Efficiency at 2.3MHz Operation
  • 2µA Quiescent Current in Low IQ Pass-Through Mode
  • Wide VIN Range From 2.3V to 4.8V
  • IOUT ≥ 4A (Peak) at VOUT = 3.35V, VIN ≥ 2.65V
  • Integrated Pass-Through Mode (35mΩ)
  • Programmable Valley Inductor Current Limit and Output
  • Programmable Average Input Current Limit and Output
  • True Pass-Through Mode During Shutdown
  • Line and Load Transient
  • Low-Ripple Light-Load PFM Mode
  • In-Situ Customization with On-Chip E2PROM
    (Write Protect)
  • Two Interface Options:
    • I2C Compatible I/F up to 3.4Mbps (TPS61280)
    • Simple I/O Logic Control Interface (TPS6128x)
  • Thermal Shutdown and Overload Protection
  • Total Solution Size <20mm2, Sub 1-mm Profile

Texas Instruments  TPS61280YFFT

The TPS6128x device provides a power supply solution for products powered by either by a Li-Ion, Nickel-Rich, Silicon Anode, Li-Ion or LiFePO4 battery. The voltage range is optimized for single-cell portable applications like in smart-phones or tablet PCs.

Used as a high-power pre-regulator, the TPS6128x extends the battery run-time and overcomes input current- and voltage limitations of the powered system.

While in shutdown, the TPS6128x operates in a true pass-through mode with only 2µA quiescent consumption for longest battery shelf life.

During operation, when the battery is at a good state-of-charge, a low-ohmic, high-efficient integrated pass-through path connects the battery to the powered system.

If the battery gets to a lower state of charge and its voltage becomes lower than the desired minimum system voltage, the device seamlessly transits into boost mode to utilize the full battery capacity.