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TPS6200x Low-Power, DC-DC EVM for High-Efficiency, Step Down Converters



Texas Instruments  TPS62000EVM-168

The low-power dc-dc EVMs for high efficiency step down converters, TPS62000 to TPS62007, help designers evaluate these devices. The EVMs make it possible to evaluate different modes of the devices as well as the device performance.

The TPS6200x EVM is available as the TPS62000 adjustable version set to 2.5V. The TPS62007 is a fixed 3.3V version, and the TPS62005 is a fixed 1.8V version.

If any other output voltage needs to be evaluated, the TPS62000 adjustable version can be easily set up to provide an output voltage between 0.8V and VI by adjusting the external resistor divider. Refer to the datasheet for various fixed voltage options available for the TPS6200x. The TPS6200x has an input voltage range between 2V and 5.5V with an output current up to 600mA.