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15-V Input, 6-A Output, 2-Phase Step-Down Converter with Automatic Efficiency Enhancement (AEETM)



  • Automatic Efficiency Enhancement (AEETM)
  • 4V-15V Input Voltage Range
  • 6-A Continuous Output Current
  • Output Voltage adjustable between 0.9V and 6V
  • 99 mm2 solution size

Texas Instruments  TPS62180EVM-581

The TPS62180EVM-581 (PWR581-001) facilitates the evaluation of the TPS62180 6-A, 2-phase buck converter.  The EVM outputs a 3.3-V output voltage from input voltages between 4V and 15V.  The TPS62180 features Automatic Efficiency Enhancement (AEETM) to deliver efficiencies in excess of 90% across the load current range.  The small solution size (99 mm2) and low profile possible enable a very dense power solution in tablets, Solid State Drives (SSDS), and other portable devices.