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TPS62350EVM Evaluation Module



  • 88% Efficiency at 3 MHz Operation
  • 800 mA Output Current at VI=2.7 V
  • 3 MHz Fixed Frequency Operation
  • Best in Class Load and Line Transient
  • Complete 1 mm Component Profile Solution
  • ±2% PWM DC Voltage Accuracy
  • 35 ns Minimum On-Time
  • Efficiency Optimized Power-Save Mode (Light PFM)
  • Transient Optimized Power-Save Mode (Fast PFM)
  • 28 µA Typical Quiescent Current
  • I2C Compatible Interface up to 3.4 Mbps
  • Pin-Selectable Output Voltage
  • Synchronizable On the Fly to External Clock Signal
  • Available in a 10-Pin QFN (3 x 3 mm) and 12-Pin NanoFree™ (CSP) Packaging

Texas Instruments  TPS62350EVM-201

The TPS62350EVM-201 is an evaluation tool for the TPS62350 3 MHz Synchronous Step-Down Converter optimized for battery powered applications with input voltages between 2.7 V to 6 V. The TPS62350 can supply voltages from 0.75 V to 1.5375 V at 800 mA and offers a 3.4 Mbps I2C serial interface for programming the mode of operation, disabling, enabling and changing the output voltage. This communication interface is used for dynamic voltage scaling with voltage steps down to 12.5 mV.