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3.3V-10V input, 300mA Ultra Low Iq step-down converter with VSEL and input voltage switch

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Package | PIN: WSON (DSS) | 12
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Cut Tape
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100-249 $1.17
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  • Input Voltage Range VIN from 3.3 V to 10 V
  • Typical 400 nA Quiescent Current
  • Up to 90% efficiency with load currents >15 µA
  • Up to 300 mA Output Current
  • RF Friendly DCS-Control™
  • Low Output Ripple Voltage
  • 16 Selectable Output Voltages from
    • 1.8 V to 3.3 V (TPS62745)
    • 1.3 V to 2.8 V (TPS627451)
  • Integrated input voltage switch
  • Integrated Discharge Function at VOUT
  • Open Drain Power Good Output
  • Operates with a Tiny 3.3 µH or 4.7 µH Inductor
  • Small 3 mm × 2 mm WSON Package

Texas Instruments  TPS62745DSSR

The TPS62745 is a high efficiency ultra low power synchronous step down converter optimized for low power wireless applications. It provides a regulated output voltage consuming only 400-nA quiescent current. The device operates from two rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, Li-primary battery chemistries such as Li-SOCl2, Li-SO2, Li-MnO2 or four to six cell alkaline batteries. The input voltage range up to 10 V allows also operation from a USB port and thin-film solar modules. The output voltage is set with four VSEL pins between 1.8 V and 3.3 V for TPS62745 or 1.3 V and 2.8 V for TPS627451. TPS62745 features low output ripple voltage and low noise with a small output capacitor. An internal input voltage switch controlled by pin EN_VIN_SW connects the supply voltage to pin VIN_SW. The switch is intended to be used for an external voltage divider, scaling down the input voltage for an external ADC. The switch is automatically opened when the supply voltage is below the undervoltage lockout threshold. The TPS62745 is available in a small 12 pin 3 mm × 2 mm WSON package.