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TPS650250EVM-447 Evaluation Module



  • 1.6A, 97% Efficient Step-Down Converter for System Voltage (VDCDC1), 3.3V or 2.8V or Adjustable
  • 0.8A, up to 95% Efficient Step-Down Converter for Memory Voltage (VDCDC2), 1.8V or 2.5V or Adjustable
  • 0.8A, 90% Efficient Step-Down Converter for Processor Core (VDCDC3)
  • Adjustable output voltage on VDCDC3
  • 30mA LDO for Vdd_alive
  • 2 × 200mA General Purpose LDOs (LDO1 and LDO2)
  • Dynamic Voltage Management for Processor Core
  • LDO1 and LDO2 Voltage Externally Adjustable
  • Separate Enable Pins for Inductive Converters
  • 2.25MHz Switching Frequency
  • 85µA Quiescent Current
  • Thermal Shutdown Protection

Texas Instruments  TPS650250EVM-447

The TPS650250EVM-447 facilitates evaluation of the TPS650250 IC. The TPS650250 is a Power Management Multi Channel IC integrating three highly efficient step-down converters and two general purpose LDOs.