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TPS65133 +/-5 V Split Rail Converter Evaluation Module



  • Fixed ±5.0 V Output Voltages
  • 1% Output Voltage Accuracy
  • Excellent Line and Load Transient Response
  • 2.9 V to 5.0 V Input Voltage Range
  • Up to 250 mA Output Current from VPOS and VNEG

Texas Instruments  TPS65133EVM-699

The TPS65133 EVM is designed to evaluate the capabilities of the part to drive LCD displays requiring a positive and negative supply rail. TPS65133 may also be used as a general ±5 V supply for operational amplifiers or other devices requiring similar positive and negative supplies. The device integrates a boost converter and an inverting buck-boost converter suitable for battery operated products. The EVM includes all connectors and jumpers to supply, operate and load the TPS65133 according its possibilities.