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TPS65137A Evaluation Module



  • 2.3-V to 5.5-V input voltage range
  • 1 % output voltage accuracy OUTP
  • Excellent line transient regulation
  • Low-noise operation
  • 200-mA output current
  • Fixed, 4.6-V positive output voltage
  • Digitally programmable negative output voltage down to -5.2 V
  • -4.9-V default value for OUTN
  • Advanced Power-Save mode
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Thermal shutdown
  • High-impedance output in shutdown
  • Double-sided, two-active-layer PCB with all components on top side

Texas Instruments  TPS65137AEVM-366

The Texas Instruments TPS65137AEVM-366 uses a TPS65137A 200-mA, dual-output, AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display power regulator to provide both a positive and negative power rail. The goal of the EVM is to facilitate evaluation of the TPS65137A. The TPS65137A is designed to provide best-in-class picture quality for AMOLED displays requiring positive and negative voltage supply rails. With its wide input voltage range, the device is ideally suited for AMOLED displays, which are used in mobile phones or smart phones. With this device, the input voltage can be higher than the positive output voltage and still maintains accurate regulation of OUTP. Using the digital control pin (CTRL) allows adjustment of the negative output voltage in digital steps. The TPS65137A uses a novel technology enabling excellent line and load regulation with minimum output voltage ripple by using an LDO post regulator for OUTP. This is required in order to avoid disturbance of the AMOLED display due to input voltage transients occurring during transmit periods in mobile phones.