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TPS65162 Evaluation Module



Texas Instruments  TPS65162EVM-278

The TPS65162EVM-278 evaluation module operates from a 8 V to 14 V input rail and provides the three bias-supply voltages (Vs, VGH, and VGL) and a logic-supply voltage (3.3 V) that are required for television and monitor TFT-LCD panels. This device also provides two operational amplifiers to generate the VCOM supply rail. The TPS65162EVM-278 has one boost converter with an integrated low-side FET, one negative charge-pump controller requiring external Schottky diodes, and one fully integrated positive charge pump for TFT-LCD bias supply. External passive components to support the boost converter include rectifying diode, inductors, and capacitors. External components for the charge pumps include capacitors and switching diodes. One nonsynchronous buck converter with external Schottky diode make up the logic supply.