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Evaluation Module for TPS65170 LCD Bias Supply



  • 8.6V to 14.7V Input Voltage Range
  • 2.8A Boost Converter Switch Current Limit
  • Boost Converter Output Voltages up to 18.5V
  • Boost and Buck Converter Short-Circuit Protection
  • 1.5A Buck Converter Switch Current Limit
  • Fixed 750kHz Switching Frequency for Buck and Boost Converters
  • Fixed Buck Converter Soft-Start
  • Programmable Boost Converter Soft-Start
  • Two Charge Pump Controllers to Regulate VGH and VGL
  • Control Signal for External High-Side MOSFET Isolation Switch
  • Reset Signal With Programmable Reset Pulse Duration
  • Thermal Shutdown

Texas Instruments  TPS65170EVM-559

The TPS65170EVM-559 is a fully assembled and tested circuit for evaluating the TPS65170 LCD Bias Supply. Supplied with an input voltage of 8V to 14.7V, the TPS65170EVM-559 generates an output voltage of 15.5V with a switch current limit of 2.8A minimum and an output voltage of 3.3V with a switch current limit of 1.5A. The TPS65170EVM-559 also controls two external charge pumps, which generate one positive and one negative voltage.