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PMIC for E-Ink® Vizplex™ Enabled Electronic Paper Display w/ Active Discharge

Availability: 9,915


Package | PIN: VQFN (RSL) | 48
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $4.30
10-24 $3.87
25-99 $3.60
100-249 $3.16
250-499 $2.96
500-749 $2.51
750-999 $2.12
1000+ $2.03


  • Single Chip Power-Management Solution for
    E Ink® Vizplex™ Electronic Paper (E-Paper) Displays
  • Generates Positive and Negative Gates, and Source Driver Voltages and Back-Plane Bias From a Single, Low-Voltage Input Supply
  • Supports 9.7-Inch and Larger Panel Sizes
  • 3-V to 6-V Input Voltage Range
  • Boost Converter for Positive Rail Base
  • Inverting Buck-Boost Converter for Negative Rail Base
  • Two Adjustable LDOs for Source Driver Supply
    • TPS65185 LDO1: 15 V, 120 mA (VPOS)
    • TPS65185 LDO2: –15 V, 120 mA(VNEG)
    • TPS651851 LDO1: 15 V, 200 mA at
      VIN ≥ 3.6 V (VPOS)
    • TPS651851 LDO2: –15 V,200 mA at
      VIN ≥ 3.6 V (VNEG)
  • Accurate Output Voltage Tracking
    • VPOS – VNEG = ±50mV
  • Two Charge Pumps for Gate Driver Supply
    • CP1: 22 V, 15 mA (VDDH)
    • CP2: –20 V, 15 mA,(VEE)
  • Adjustable VCOM Driver for Accurate Panel-Backplane Biasing
    • 0 V to –5.11 V
    • ± 1.5% accuracy(±10 mV)
    • 9-Bit Control (10-mV Nominal StepSize)
  • Active Discharge on All Rails
  • Integrated 10-Ω, 3.3-V Power Switch for Disabling System Power Rail to E-Ink Panel

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Texas Instruments  TPS65185RSLR

The TPS65185x device is a single-chip power supply designed to for E Ink Vizplex displaysused in portable e-reader applications, and the device supports panel sizes up to 9.7 inches andgreater. Two high efficiency DC-DC boost converters generate ±16-V rails that are boosted to 22 Vand –20 V by two change pumps to provide the gate driver supply for the Vizplex panel. Two trackingLDOs create the ±15-V source driver supplies that support up to 120/200 mA (TPS65185/TPS651851) ofoutput current. All rails are adjustable through the I2C interface toaccommodate specific panel requirements.

Accurate back-plane biasing is provided by a linear amplifier that can be adjusted from 0V to –5.11 V with 9-bit control through the serial interface; it can source or sink currentdepending on panel condition. The TPS65185x supports automatic panel kickback voltage measurement,which eliminates the need for manual VCOM calibration in the production line. The measurementresult can be stored in non-volatile memory to become the new VCOM power-up default value.

TPS65185 is available in two packages, a 48-pin 7-mm × 7-mm2VQFN (RGZ) with 0.5-mm pitch, and a 48-pin 6-mm × 6-mm2 VQFN (RSL) with0.4-mm pitch. The TPS651851 is available in a 48-pin 6-mm × 6-mm2 VQFN(RSL) with 0.4-mm pitch.