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TPS652510 High Current, Synchronous Step Down Three Buck Switcher Evaluation Module



  • Wide Input Supply Voltage Range 4.5 V – 16 V
  • 0.8-V, 1% Accuracy Reference
  • Continuous Loading 3 A (Buck1), 2 A (Buck2 and 3)
  • Maximum Current 3.5 A (Buck 1), 2.5 A (Buck2 and 3)
  • Synchronous Operation, 300-kHz – 2.2-MHz Switching Frequency Set By External Resistor
  • External Enable Pins With Built-In Current Source for Easy Sequencing

Texas Instruments  TPS652510EVM

The TPS652510EVM evaluation module is designed to provide access to the features of the TPS652510. The TPS652510 PMIC is designed to provide 3 , 2 and 2 A continuous outputs with an operational range of 4.5 to 16V and a externally set switching frequency ranging from 300kHz to 2.2MHz, with automatic PFM/PWM operation . When the PMIC is not fully loaded, buck1 can be loaded to 3.5A and buck 2 and 3 to 2.5A. Somemodifications can be made to this module to test performance at different input and output voltages, current and frequency operation. Please contact TI Field Applications Group for advice on these matters