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TPS65265 PMIC 5A, 3A, 2A Output Current Evaluation Module



  • Supports 5 V, 12 V and 15 V power bus
  • Adjustable Clock Frequency from 250KHz to 2.3MHz
  • External Synchronization Oscillator
  • 120° out of phase for buck1, buck2, buck3
  • Support Pulse Skipping Mode(PSM) and  Force Continuous Current Mode (FCCM)

Texas Instruments  TPS65265EVM-705

The TPS65265EVM-705 evaluation module facilitates evaluation of the TPS65265. The TPS65265 PMIC is a triple 5A/3A/2A output current, synchronous step-down (buck) converter with an operational range of 4.5 to 17V. The feedback voltage reference for each buck is 0.6V. Each buck is independent with dedicated enable and loop compensation. The TPS65265 supports PSM mode and FCC mode. The device supports adjustable Fsw from 2500kHZ to 2.3MHZ, programablef P-GOOD delay time and automatic power up/down functions.