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2.7V to 6.5V Input, 3A/2A/2A Buck converter evaluation module


  • Operating Input Voltage Range 2.7V to 6.5V
  • Feedback Reference Voltage 0.6V±1%
  • Maximum Continuous Output Current 3A/2A/2A
  • Dedicated Enable and Soft Start
  • Pulse Skipping Mode (PSM) at Light Load
  • Cycle-by-cycle Current Limiting with Hiccup Mode Over Current Protection
  • Adjustable Clock Frequency 250K Hz to 2.4M Hz
  • External Clock Synchronization
  • Power Good Indicator
  • Over Temperature Protection

Texas Instruments  TPS65266EVM-686

The TPS65266EVM-686 evaluation module (EVM) is a fully assembled and tested circuit for evaluating the TPS65266. The EVM contains input and output connectors as well as control jumpers to ease evaluation of device features.