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Evaluation Module for TPS65291 High-Efficiency Solution for Multi-Stacked Battery Systems



  • Low quiescent current in sleep mode
  • 3 to 10-V Input Voltage Range
  • 2.8-V Default Output Voltage on Buck 2, available at power-on
  • Integrated feedback and compensation network with easy-to-use SPI interface
  • Output current of up to 1 Amp from Buck1

Texas Instruments  TPS65291EVM

The TPS65291-EVM is an evaluation module (EVM) for evaluating the TPS65291 multi-rail power solution for multi-stacked battery systems. It requires an input voltage from 3 to 10 V and will generate an output of 2.8 Volts from the always-on Buck 2 for a 50-mA load. Enabling and configuring Buck 1 and the LDO/Switch is completed by communicating to the device via SPI. Buck 1 is capable of generating 1 to 6 Volts for a load of up to 1 A. For quick development, the TPS65291EVM ships with an MSP430 on-board to communicate to the TPS65291 via SPI using the IPG-UI software tool.