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TPS65310AEVM: High Voltage Power Management IC for Automotive Safety Applications Evaluation Module



  • Battery Voltage VBAT: 4.8 to 36V
  • Junction Temp Range: -40C to 150C
  • 5 output voltages
  • Support safety applications

Texas Instruments  TPS65310AEVM

The TPS65310AEVM evaluation modules (EVM) helps engineers evaluate the operation and performance of the TPS65310A-Q1 power supply IC for safety applications. The EVM contains the TPS65310A-Q1 and circuitry for basic operation. It has an on board USB-to-SPI interface but can also run without it or with a different SPI interface, for example, from an MCU supplied to the EVM.

The TPS65310A-Q1 is a power-management unit, meeting the requirements of DSP-controlled automotive systems (for example, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). With its integration of commonly used features it helps to significantly reduce board space and system costs.