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TPS65632 Triple-Output AMOLED Display Power Supply Evaluation Module



  • 2.9 V to 4.5 V input voltage range
  • 0.5% accuracy on V(POS)
  • Excellent line transient response
  • 300 mA output current capability on V(POS), V(NEG)
  • Available in WQFN package

Texas Instruments  TPS65632EVM-712

The TPS65632 is designed to drive AMOLED displays requiring V(AVDD), V(POS), V(NEG). The device integrates a boost converter for V(POS), an inverting buck-boost converter for V(NEG), and a boost converter for V(AVDD), which are suitable for battery operated products. The digital interface control pin CTRL allows programming V(AVDD), V(POS) and V(NEG) in digital steps. The TPS65632 uses a novel technology enabling excellent line and load regulation.