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TPS657095 PMU for Embedded Camera Evaluation Module



  • Two 75mA LDOs
  • Output Voltage Accuracy ±1.5%
  • Vin Range from 3.7V to 6V
  • LED Driver with PWM Dimming
  • 1 GPO

Texas Instruments  TPS657095EVM-122

The TPS657095 is a power management unit targeted for embedded camera modules or other portable low power consumer end equipments. It contains two LDOs enabled by the I2C™ Interface, a PWM-dimmable current sink for driving one LED, one general purpose output (GPO), a programmable clock generator and 4K Byte of User OTP memory. The operation of the device is disabled if the input voltage supply is below the internal under-voltage lockout.

The device comes in a 16-ball die-size ball grid array package (DSBGA) with 0.4mm ball pitch.