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  • Three programmable step-down converters
  • Eleven programmable general-purpose LDOs
  • Three PWM outputs with programmable frequency and duty cycle
  • Dual RGB LED drivers
  • Eleven-channel ADC with three operating modes
  • Power-Good monitoring on all supply outputs
  • Interrupt controller with maskable interrupts

Texas Instruments  TPS658643EVM-752

The TPS658643EVM-752 evaluation module (EVM) is a fully assembled and tested platform for evaluating the performance of the TPS658643 single-chip, power management device. This document includes schematic diagrams, a printed-circuit board layout, bill of materials, and test data. The TPS658643 is a single-chip, power management integrated circuit (IC) with multiple regulated power supplies, system management, and display functions in a small package. The I2C interface enables control of a wide range of subsystem parameters. Internal registers have a complete set of status information, enabling easy diagnostics and host-controlled handling of fault conditions.