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TPS659038-Q1 and TPS659039-Q1 Power Management IC Evaluation Module



  • Allows monitoring of all LDO and SMPS output voltages
  • Allows loading of all SMPS outputs
  • Allows access to the GPIOs and other logic signals to test functionality
  • Optimized layout for stable operation of all SMPS
  • Onboard MSP430 to enable communication with the PMIC via a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to allow access to the registers of the PMIC



Texas Instruments  TPS659038EVM-090

The TPS659038-Q1 and TPS659039-Q1 device are power-management integrated circuits (PMICs) for automotive applications.  The device provides seven configurable step-down converters with up to 9 A of output current for memory, processor core, input/output (I/O), or pre-regulation of LDOs.  TPS659038-Q1 contains 11 LDO regulators while TPS659039-Q1 contains 6 LDO regulators for external use.