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TPS65910AEVM-583: Integrated Power Management Unit Evaluation Module for AM335x with DDR2



  • PMIC configuration through I2C interface
  • Internal register map reading/writing
  • Active communication simulation
  •  Load/Save register configuration
  • Monitor state of GPIO pins

Texas Instruments  TPS65910AEVM-583

The TPS65910AEVM-583 is a stand-alone module that demonstrates the functions of the integrated power management IC. It uses a USB-to-GPIO interface card (not included in the kit) to control the standard I2C interfaces in the TPS65910 device. It includes Windows compatible software to interface with the device. The sofware is a simple graphical user interface (GUI) that simplifies registers access for the IC. The software CD is not included in the kit. It must be downloaded from the TPS65910 product folder.

This TPS65910AEVM-583 board is populated with the TPS65910AA1RSL which is designed for the AM335x Sitara processor with DDR2