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TPS712xx Evaluation Module



The EVM features the TPS71247DRC and the TPS71202DRC devices. Each device can deliver up to 250mA at each output. The EVM is designed to operate with an input voltage up to +5.5V. The default output voltage of this EVM is +2.8V (VOUT1) and +1.225V (VOUT2) for U1 and +1.8V (VOUT1) and +2.85V (VOUT2) for U2. If desired, this EVM can easily be modified to supply higher or lower output voltages by adjusting the appropriate feedback resistor dividers. Also, other fixed output voltage versions of the devices can be easily evaluated using this EVM. Refer to the product data sheet (SBVS049) for the various fixed output voltage options available in the TPS712xx device family, as well as for more information on adjusting theoutput voltage.Refer to the User's Guide for setup instructions, a schematic diagram, a bill of materials (BOM), and printed circuit board (PCB) layout drawings for the evaluation module.

Texas Instruments  TPS712XXEVM-050

The Texas Instruments TPS712xxEVM-050 dual RF LDO evaluation module (EVM) helps designers evaluate the operation and performance of theTPS712xx family of devices. These devices are tailored to applications that need both high PSRR and low output noise.