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TPS72518 Evaluation Module



Texas Instruments  TPS72518EVM-207

The TPS72518EVM is a tool to facilitate evaluation of the TPS725xx and TPS726xx families of devices. The TPS72518EVM consists of the SLVP207 PCB, one TPS72518 1.8-V, 1-A linear regulator in a TO-263 package, and supporting passive components. The SLVP207 PCB is designed to accommodate multiple devices with similar pinouts in different packages (i.e., TO-220, TO-263, or SOT-223). Specifically, in addition to the TPS725xx and TPS726xx families, the SLVP207 can be used with the UCx82, UCx85, TPS755xx, TPS756xx, TPS757xx, TPS758xx, TPS759xx, TPS786xx, TPS795xx, and TPS796xx families as well as any other device in the same package with the same pinout.