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3-A, low-VIN (0.8-V), low-noise, high-PSRR, adjustable ultra-low-dropout voltage regulator

Same as: TPS74401RGWRG4   This part number is identical to the part number listed above. You can only order quantities of the part number listed above.

US ECCN: EAR99 US/Local Export Classification Number

Quality information

RoHS Yes
Lead finish / Ball material NIPDAU
MSL rating / Peak reflow Level-2-260C-1 YEAR
Quality, reliability
& packaging information

Information included:

  • RoHS
  • Device marking
  • Lead finish/Ball material
  • MSL rating/Peak reflow
  • MTBF/FIT estimates
  • Material content
  • Qualification summary
  • Ongoing reliability monitoring
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Packaging information

Package | Pins Package qty | Carrier: Operating temperature range (°C)
VQFN (RGW) | 20 3,000 | LARGE T&R
Custom reel may be available
-40 to 125
Package | Pins VQFN (RGW) | 20
Package qty | Carrier: 3,000 | LARGE T&R
Custom reel may be available
Operating temperature range (°C) -40 to 125
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Features for the TPS74401

  • Input Voltage Range: 1.1 V to 5.5 V
  • Soft-Start (SS) Pin Provides a Linear Startup With Ramp Time Set by External Capacitor
  • 1% Accuracy Over Line, Load, and Temperature
  • Supports Input Voltages as Low as 0.9 V With External Bias Supply
  • Adjustable Output: 0.8 V to 3.6 V
  • Ultra-Low Dropout: 115 mV at 3.0 A (typical)
  • Stable With Any or No Output Capacitor
  • Excellent Transient Response
  • Open-Drain Power-Good (VQFN Only)
  • Packages: 5-mm × 5-mm × 1-mm VQFN (RGW), 3.5-mm × 3.5-mm VQFN (RGR), and DDPAK

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Description for the TPS74401

The TPS74401 low-dropout (LDO) linear regulators provide an easy-to-use robustpower-management solution for a wide variety of applications. The user-programmable soft-startminimizes stress on the input power source by reducing capacitive inrush current on start-up. Thesoft-start is monotonic and well-suited for powering many different types of processors andapplication-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). The enable input and power-good output allow easysequencing with external regulators. This complete flexibility lets the user configure a solutionthat meets the sequencing requirements of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), digital signalprocessors (DSPs), and other applications with specific start-up requirements.

A precision reference and error amplifier deliver 1% accuracy over load, line,temperature, and process. The TPS74401 family of LDOs is stable without an output capacitor or withceramic output capacitors. The device family is fully specified from TJ =–40°C to 125°C. The TPS74401 is offered in two 20-pin smallVQFN packages (a 5-mm × 5-mm RGW and a
3.5-mm × 3.5-mm RGR package), yielding a highly compact total solution size. Forapplications that require additional power dissipation, the DDPAK (KTW) package is alsoavailable.


Qty Price (USD)
1-99 4.453
100-249 3.63
250-999 2.853
1,000+ 2.42

Additional package qty | carrier options

Package qty | Carrier 250 | SMALL T&R
Inventory Out of Stock
Qty | Price (USD) 1ku | 2.783 1-99 5.121 100-249 4.175 250-999 3.281 1,000+ 2.783