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TPS7A54-Q1 Automotive 4A High-Accuracy Low-Noise LDO Voltage Regulator Evaluation Module



  • Automotive grade
  • High power-supply ripple rejection: 40 dB at 500 kHz
  • Output-voltage noise: 4.4 μVRMS
  • Adjustable soft-start in-rush control
  • Open-drain power-good (PG) output

Texas Instruments  TPS7A54EVM-006

The TPS7A54EVM-006 evaluation module (EVM) is designed for a typical configuration to evaluate the operation and performance of the TPS7A54-Q1, which is an automotive-grade 4-A low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulator.

The EVM circuit board is configured to be a reference design for engineering applications requiring current to a dynamic load of up to 4 A.