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TPS7A6950 Automotive 150mA High-Voltage Ultra-Low-Iq 12uA LDO Regulator Evaluation Module



  • 4 -V to 40-V Wide Vin Input Voltage Range With up to 45-V Transient
  • Output current 150mA
  • Low Quiescent Current Iq:
    • < 2uA when EN = low (shutdown mode)
    • 12uA typical at Light Loads
  • Low ESR ceramic output stability capacitor (2.2uF-100uF)
  • 250mV dropout Voltage at 150mA(Typical, Vin=4V)
  • Low Input Voltage Tracking
  • Integrated Fault Protection
    • Thermal Shutdown
    • Short Circuit Protection
  • Operating Ambient Temperature Range -40C to 125C

Texas Instruments  TPS7A6950EVM

The TPS7A6950EVM allows the user to apply an input voltage of 4V to 40V to the input of the TPS7A6950QDRQ1 device under different loading conditions (0-150mA). Output, Input, PG and switching wave can be monitored on the EVM.