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TPS7B6701-Q1 High-Voltage LDO Regulator Evaluation Module



  •  450mA Output current
  •  4V to 40V wide maximum input voltage range
  • Low quiescent current Iq, 15mA typical at light loads
  •  15Maximum dropout voltage 500mV at 400mA
  •  Adjustable 1.5V to 18V output voltages

Texas Instruments  TPS7B6701EVM

The TPS7B6701 are low dropout linear regulators designed for up to 40V Vin operations. With only 15mA quiescent current at light load, the device can drive loads up to 450mA

The devices feature an integrated short-circuit and over-current protection. Reset delay and power good signal are implemented on power up to indicate the output voltage is stable and in regulation. The delay can be programmed with an external capacitor.