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Automotive 450-mA, off-battery (40-V), high-PSRR, low-IQ, low-dropout voltage regulator with PG

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Packaging information

Package | Pins HTSSOP (PWP) | 20
Operating temperature range (℃) Q (-40 to 125)
Package qty | Carrier: 2,000 | LARGE T&R
Custom reel may be available
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Quality information

RoHS Yes
Lead finish / Ball material NIPDAU
MSL rating / Peak reflow Level-3-260C-168 HR
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  • Qualified for Automotive Applications
  • AEC-Q100 Qualified With the Following Results
    • Device Temperature Grade 1: –40°C to 125°C Ambient OperatingTemperature Range
    • Device HBM ESD Classification LevelH2
    • Device CDM ESD Classification LevelC3B
  • 4-V to 40-V Wide-VIN Input-Voltage Range With up to 45-V Transient
  • Maximum Output Current, 450 mA
  • Low Quiescent Current (IQ))
    • < 4 µA When EN = Low (Shutdown Mode)
    • 15 µA Typical at LightLoads
  • Low-ESR (0.001 to 20 Ω) Ceramic Output-Stability Capacitor (10 µF to 500 µF When VO ≥ 2.5 V, 22 µF to 500 µF when VO = 1.5 V to 2.5 V)
  • Maximum Dropout Voltage 450 mV at 400 mA
  • Adjustable 1.5-V to 18-V Output Voltages
  • Low-Input Voltage Tracking to UVLO
  • Integrated Power-On Reset
    • Programmable-Reset PulseDelay
    • Open-Drain ResetOutput
  • Integrated Fault Protection
    • Thermal Shutdown
    • Short-CircuitProtection
  • 20-Pin HTSSOP Package

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The TPS7B6701-Q1, TPS7B6733-Q1, and TPS7B6750-Q1 devices (TPS7B67xx-Q1) are low-dropoutlinear regulators designed for up to 40-V VIN operations. With only 15-µAquiescent current at light load that greatly increases the endurance time of the automotivebattery, the devices drive loads up to 450 mA.

The TPS7B67xx-Q1 family of devices features an integrated short-circuit and overcurrentprotection. Reset delay and power-good signal are implemented on power-up to indicate that theoutput voltage is stable and is in regulation. An external capacitor programs the delay. The enablefunction activates and deactivates the device with an I/O port from the MCU.

The device family operates at a temperature range of –40°C to 125°C.

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