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TPS7B6950-Q1 low-IQ LDO regulator evaluation module



  •  5.5- to 40-V wide input voltage
  •  Maximum 150-mA output current
  •  15-µA low quiescent current at light loads
  •  Stable with a low-ESR ceramic output capacitor (2.2 µF to 100 µF)
  •  Short-circuit protection and thermal shutdown protection

Texas Instruments  TPS7B6950EVM

The TPS7B6950EVM is designed for customers to evaluate the TPS7B6950 low quiescent-current (IQ) LDO regulator. The device can support an input voltage up to 40 V and can output a load current up to 150 mA. The device integrates protections for overcurrent, overtemperature and short circuit. The quiescent current of the device can be as low as 15 µA under light loads. The device can be used in an always-on system in automotive applications that require low standby current