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TPS7B7702-Q1 Dual-Channel Antenna LDO Linear Regulator Evaluation Module



  • 4.5V to 45V wide maximum input voltage range
  • Adjustable output voltage 1.5-20V
  • 300mA Output current per channel
  • High accuracy current sense
  • Ability to distinguish all faults with current sense
  • Stable with output capacitor in 2.2-100uF range (ESR 1mΩ to 5Ω)

Texas Instruments  TPS7B7702EVM

TPS7B7702 evaluation modules (EVM) help designers evaluate the operation and performance of TPS7B7702QPWPRQ1 Antenna LDO. The TPS7B7702 is a monolithic integrated dual channel LDO with current sense in HTSSOP package. It is designed to provide power supply to active antenna in automotive environment. The IC has integrated protection for overload, over temperature, reverse battery polarity, reverse current, as well as output short circuit to battery or ground. Supply voltage up to VIN=45V, and loads up to 300mA per channel. High accuracy current sense to detect antenna open / normal / short circuit conditions without further calibration at low current