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TPS92010 Evaluation Module for 230VAC TRIAC Dimmable Light Bulb Replacement



  • LED Lighting Current Driver Controller with Energy Saving Features
  • Quasi-Resonant Mode Operation for Reduced EMI and Low Switching Losses (Low Voltage Switching)
  • Low Standby Current for Deep Dimming Efficiency Power Consumption
  • Low Startup Current: 25 µA Maximum
  • Programmable Line and Load Overvoltage Protection
  • Internal Overtemperature Protection
  • Current Limit Protection
  • 1-A Sink TrueDrive, –0.75-A Source Gate Drive Output
  • Programmable Soft-Start

Texas Instruments  TPS92010EVM-631

The TPS92010EVM-631 is a fully assembled and tested circuit for demonstrating the TPS92010 Controller in a 230VAC light bulb replacement design that is TRIAC dimmable. The TPS92010EVM-631 includes an LED light engine to load the output and make it easy to see the dimming function when used with an external TRIAC based dimmer.