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TPS92210 Evaluation Module for 230VAC TRIAC Dimmable Light Bulb Replacement with Natural PFC



  • Flexible Operation Modes
  • Cascoded MOSFET Configuration
  • Discontinuous Conduction Mode or Transition Mode Operation
  • Transformer Zero Energy Detection
  • Open LED Detection
  • Advanced Overcurrent Protection
  • Output Overvoltage Protection
  • Line Surge Ruggedness
  • Internal Over-Temperature Protection

Texas Instruments  TPS92210EVM-613

The TPS92210EVM-613 evaluation module is a fully assembled and tested circuit for evaluating the TPS92210 Natural PFC LED Lighting Driver Controller. The evaluation module demonstrates the TPS92210 in a single stage PFC 230VAC light bulb replacement design that is TRIAC dimmable.