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TPS92411 Floating Switch evaluation board module for 120VAC Linear Direct Drive of LEDs



  • 120VAC Operation
  • Low LED Current Ripple
  • Uses No Inductors or Transformers
  • Power Factor > 0.95
  • Triac and Reverse Phase Dimmer Compatible with Smooth Flicker-Free Response

Texas Instruments  TPS92411EVM-001

The TPS92411EVM-001 implements a 120VAC, 12W, phase dimmable light engine with high power factor and low LED current ripple on a single-sided metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB). The included LED drive circuit is comprised of a high voltage linear regulator and TPS92411 floating switches arranged to toggle three segments of a high-voltage LED string at eight discrete points during an AC half-cycle. Unlike traditional switched mode power supply (SMPS) converters, the TPS92411EVM-001 uses no magnetic components or high speed switching for power processing.