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TPS92691 SEPIC LED Driver Evaluation Board

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Limit:  2

Features for the TPS92691EVM-001

  • Versatile LED driver capable of driving a string of 1 to 20 series connected white LEDs
  • Wide input voltage range (4.5 V to 40 V): Supports automotive start-stop and load dump transients up to 65 Vmax
  • Compatible with high-side and low-side current sense resistor position
  • Simple circuit interface to set LED current reference and PWM dutycycle
  • Instatenous current monitor output that facilitates LED fault detection and mitigation

Description for the TPS92691EVM-001

The TPS92691EVM-001 is a fully assembled and tested SEPIC LED driver designed to power a single string of series connected LEDs. Acurate closed-loop LED current regulation is achieved using a low-offset rail-to-rail curren sense amplifier that is compatible with either a high side or a low side current-sensing implementations.  DC LED current set point can be varied over a 15:1 ratio using high-impedanceanlog adjust (IADJ) input. An integrated gate driver circuit and properitary PWM dimming logic is incorporated to enable external series FET PWM dimming with greater than 100:1 dimming ratio.

LED short-circuit failure and other cable harness fault detecion is facilitated by current monitor output (IMON), which reports the instantenous status of LED current measured by the rail-to-rail current sense amplifier.  The current monitor output can be used in conjunction with microcontroller or discrete circuitry to implement customized fault protection scheme based on the lighting application and circuit topology.