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TPS92692-Q1 Boost and Boost-to-Battery LED Driver Evaluation Module



  • Versatile LED driver capable of driving a string of 1 to 20 series connected white LEDs
  • Wide input voltage range (4.5 V to 18 V): Supports automotive start-stop and load dump transients up to 65 Vmax
  • Better than +/-4% LED current regulation using high-side current sense resistor
  • Internal analog voltage to PWM duty cycle generator for stand-alone dimming operation
  • Spread spectrum frequency modulation for improved EMC

Texas Instruments  TPS92692EVM-880

The TPS92692EVM-880 is a fully assembled and tested LED driver that can be configured as either a Boost or a Boost-to-Battery topology to power a single string of series connected LEDs. Acurate closed-loop LED current regulation is achieved using a low-offset rail-to-rail current sense amplifier along with a high side current-sensing implementations.  DC LED current set point can be varied over a 15:1 ratio using high-impedanceanlog adjust (IADJ) input. PWM dimming of LED current is achieved by directly modulating the PWM/DIM input pin with the desired duty cycle or by enabling the internal PWM generator circuit. The optional PDRV gate driver output can be used to drive an external P-Channel series MOSFET.

The TPS92692/-Q1 supports continuous LED status check through the current monitor (IMON) output. The device also includes an open drain fault indicator output to indicates LED overcurrent, output overvoltage and output undervoltage conditions.