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High Accuracy LED Controller With Spread Spectrum Frequency Modulation and Internal PWM Generator

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Package | PIN: HTSSOP (PWP) | 20
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Cut Tape
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  • Wide Input Voltage: 4.5 V to 65 V
  • Better than ± 4% LED Current Accuracy over –40°C to 150°C Junction Temperature Range
  • Spread Spectrum Frequency Modulation for Improved EMI
  • Comprehensive Fault Protection Circuitry with Current Monitor output and Open Drain Fault Flag Indicator
  • Internal Analog Voltage to PWM Duty Cycle Generator for stand-alone Dimming Operation
  • Compatible with Direct PWM Input with over 1000:1 Dimming Range
  • Analog LED Current Adjust Input (IADJ) with over 15:1 Contrast Ratio
  • Integrated P-Channel Driver to enable Series FET Dimming and LED Protection
  • TPS92692-Q1: Automotive Q100 Grade 1 Qualified

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Texas Instruments  TPS92692PWPR

The TPS92692 and TPS92692-Q1 are high accuracy peak current mode based controllersdesigned to support step-up/down LED driver topologies. The device incorporates a rail-to-railcurrent amplifier to measure LED current and spread spectrum frequency modulation technique forimproved EMI performance.

This high performance LED controller can independently modulate LED current using eitheranalog or PWM dimming techniques. Linear analog dimming response with over 15:1 range is obtainedby varying the voltage across the high impedance analog adjust (IADJ) input. PWM dimming of LEDcurrent is achieved by directly modulating the DIM/PWM input pin with the desired duty cycle or byenabling the internal PWM generator circuit. The PWM generator translates the DC voltage at DIM/PWMpin to corresponding duty cycle by comparing it to the internal triangle wave generator. Theoptional PDRV gate driver output can be used to drive an external P-Channel series MOSFET.

The TPS92692 and TPS92692-Q1 devices support continuous LED status check through thecurrent monitor (IMON) output. The devices also include an open drain fault indicator output toindicate LED overcurrent, output overvoltage and output undervoltage conditions.